How To Transform Your Home Interior

this image shows how to transform your home interior

They say the first impression is the final impression! It is quite true. If you are anticipating someone to pay you a visit at your beloved home, the first thing you should take notes for is the presentation of your house. Everybody loves a house that is airy, well-lit, and most importantly clean and tidy. Messy rooms are not a good sight to look at. Most of the occasions, the simplest things make the deepest impact. A colorful, cheery painting or a cozy leather bean bag sitting in the corner of the room can bring a smile on someone’s face. There are certain easy-to-do tips and tricks to renovate your house into a much more aesthetic one.

Ways to Renovate and Transform Your Home Interior

1. Choosing the correct paint for each room

The basic formula of the correct color scheme is that the darker hues minimize the space. This is very important to keep your home interior balanced. It is quite wise to opt for lighter, subtle paint colors for a room that is small-sized and larger rooms should be painted in dark colors. You can use this strategy aptly on small-spaced living rooms. Go for mint blue, light yellow or lime green rather than maroon, purple or deep orange. Pastel color palette save the day!

2. The more the mirrors, the better

Picture of how to transform your home interior

The light entering your house is not under your control. It depends on multiple factors such as the location of your house, the number of windows and so on. However, you can decorate your rooms with a generous number of mirrors so that the rooms feel more spacious.

3. A mix of vintage and new, cheap and branded

Antique stuff attracts everyone. Never throw away vintage pieces that you have inherited from your grandparents. An old, comfy, wooden chair would look so picturesque sitting next to your brand new leather sofa. Who would ignore the rusty, aesthetic painting, hanging in the lounge, that your grandpa drew? Be ready to be asked all about it.

4. Utilize what you have

Search for the stuff that you already have rather than buying expensive things. Make use of the old wood racks lying in your store. You can also make cute boxes out of it which you can later use for organizing your makeup and jewelry. In addition, making wall arts from the beautiful ceramic plates that you were about to throw away is also a good idea.

5. A little green never hurt anybody

Plants create a refreshing aura in the area they are kept. They also purify the air and regulate humidity. Always add greens to every part of your house be it the corners of your rooms, your kitchen or the terrace. Try to organize vases every day with fresh flowers. It is better to grow flower plants in your pots rather than the leafy ones. Flowers release pleasant scents into the atmosphere and are a beautiful sight to look at.

6. Choose carpets and rugs for your wooden floor.

Hardwood floors can look monotonous so in order, this is where interior design comes in. Add some life into your rooms add small, bright colored rugs and pieces of carpets which resonate with the color scheme of the room.

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