Top Color Trends Of 2019

Who would like plain, boring walls for their home? Interior color trends vary with each passing year. 2018 was all about darker hues such as scarlets and deep browns. Mettalics were in fashion too. This year is it more about thinking out of the box. Odd mixes of palettes are everybody’s go-to for a tacky house-interior color theme. Moreover, you should be selecting those colors that accentuate your mundane, monotonous walls and reenergize your domestic space. Before getting your house painted and assorted, you should know all about the bestcolor trends of 2019 beforehand.

The Woodier Shades

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The wood themed rooms always look the best. The mahogany for the furniture,  the browns for the curtains and the wood-planked floors is the best combo for a traditional earthy-toned interior. You can incorporate a wide range of colors in this scheme ranging from the darker browns, chocolates, and maroons to lighter and subtler coppers and maples.

You can even get a wood themed room made out of concrete where the concrete is stained to appear as real wood. It’s pretty sick what concrete is capable of doing. I hired a Sacramento concrete contractor to help do this for me in my house, and somehow it turned out cheaper. Nevertheless, the wood look is timely and can look great no matter the property.