How To Transform Your Home Interior

this image shows how to transform your home interior

They say the first impression is the final impression! It is quite true. If you are anticipating someone to pay you a visit at your beloved home, the first thing you should take notes for is the presentation of your house. Everybody loves a house that is airy, well-lit, and most importantly clean and tidy. Messy rooms are not a good sight to look at. Most of the occasions, the simplest things make the deepest impact. A colorful, cheery painting or a cozy leather bean bag sitting in the corner of the room can bring a smile on someone’s face. There are certain easy-to-do tips and tricks to renovate your house into a much more aesthetic one.

Ways to Renovate and Transform Your Home Interior

1. Choosing the correct paint for each room

The basic formula of the correct color scheme is that the darker hues minimize the space. This is very important to keep your home interior balanced. It is quite wise to opt for lighter, subtle paint colors for a room that is small-sized and larger rooms should be painted in dark colors. You can use this strategy aptly on small-spaced living rooms. Go for mint blue, light yellow or lime green rather than maroon, purple or deep orange. Pastel color palette save the day!

Impact of Lightings on Interior Design

Good lightings in a house make it multiple times more aesthetic. Lighting is an integral component of interior decor. A well-lit room always provides a better ambiance and comfort than a dim room. Lights are essential for almost every task that you do. What a headache it would be if you were to study your favorite book under bad lights! Nonetheless, lights have a direct proportionality with our moods. The better the light, the better our moods.

this image shows how good lightings impact interior design

How Good Lightings Impact Interior Design

There are certain aspects of good lightings that correlate with good interior design:

Color Contrasts

this is an image showing contrast when lighting impacts interior design

It is an established fact that dark-colored rooms give an impression of being small-sized while light colored rooms tend to look spacious. Proper lighting techniques can help you manage the size perception of the rooms. Basically, what you visualize is due to the reflection of light on that peculiar surface. Special lights that work on the directional approach such as the track lights have the ability to make louder wall colors more subtle. Recessed can light strike their beams on the floor and not on the walls. You can choose between various light options to create the best color contrasts for your rooms.

Directional Lightings

A good lightening can be used for various purposes. You would want to illuminate your rooms only. You might be looking for ideas to accentuate a valuable item in your room such as a painting or a vintage sculptures by means of a good light source. All of this is possible today. Track lighting comes in different shapes and sizes today. It is specially designed for the purpose of fulfilling positional lighting functions. There are in-built mirrors present in modern-day picture frames as well which highlight the walls on which they are placed.

this image shows purpose of lighting with impact on interior design

Purpose Lightings

The basic need for lights installation in a house is for it to serve its purpose. All daily chores and domestic activities need light. Bulbs work well in small spaced areas of a house such as a kitchen and bathrooms. Chandeliers are installed in the hallways because of the immense light throw that they provide. Likewise, for activities which ask for a concentration such as desk tasks, there are special table lights available to illuminate the reading and writing material without causing irritation in the eyes.

Types of lightings choices available:

Ambient Lightings

Ambient lighting caters to the lighting needs of rooms. It is the main light source of any room. There are bulbs, chandeliers, track, and recessed lights to choose from. The better the ambient light source, the better the interior of your room.

Accent Lightings

Accent lighting is meant for throwing extra light on special objects such as frames, paintings, and sculptures. They have no contribution to illuminating a room in general. They are basically designed for decoration purpose.

Task Lightings

Task lighting is an ai for your day-to-day chores. You can incorporate them on your desks, tables, sitting areas and eating corners to provide you with a better in-home experience.

Top Color Trends Of 2019

Who would like plain, boring walls for their home? Interior color trends vary with each passing year. 2018 was all about darker hues such as scarlets and deep browns. Mettalics were in fashion too. This year is it more about thinking out of the box. Odd mixes of palettes are everybody’s go-to for a tacky house-interior color theme. Moreover, you should be selecting those colors that accentuate your mundane, monotonous walls and reenergize your domestic space. Before getting your house painted and assorted, you should know all about the bestcolor trends of 2019 beforehand.

The Woodier Shades

this is an image of top color trends 2019

The wood themed rooms always look the best. The mahogany for the furniture,  the browns for the curtains and the wood-planked floors is the best combo for a traditional earthy-toned interior. You can incorporate a wide range of colors in this scheme ranging from the darker browns, chocolates, and maroons to lighter and subtler coppers and maples.

You can even get a wood themed room made out of concrete where the concrete is stained to appear as real wood. It’s pretty sick what concrete is capable of doing. I hired a Sacramento concrete contractor to help do this for me in my house, and somehow it turned out cheaper. Nevertheless, the wood look is timely and can look great no matter the property.

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

this is a picture of top kitchen design trends of 2019

Life today is quite bustling and the kitchen is the main hub of daily activity of every house. It is the main stress relieving corner of a house for all cooks and bakers. Cooking is therapeutic and so should be the interior of a kitchen. Good kitchens are tidy and clean and bring warmth and happy vibes once you step into their zone. The color scheme, the flooring, the shelves and the organization of crockery is essential for sophisticated kitchen decor. 2019 has brought newer trends for renovating kitchens. The top ones are listed below:  

Clever and Hidden Spaces

According to most of the interior designers, people desire for more compact, better storage providing kitchens than the ones with a lavish spacious interior. Customers urge for more shelves and concealed drawers on every part of the kitchen so that they can do better segregation of their utensils and appliances.

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